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Vegetable Chicken Saute


Chicken with curry sauce


The sector started to take protective action in 1999 when Avian Influenza appeared in Italy. Seminars have been organized about Avian Influenza. Avian Influenza has been explained to sector professionals. In this stage the most important protection was set to be the biosecurity precautions. Many training sessions has been organised about these precautions. Turkey is one of the best executor in biosecurity precautions in the world.
You should be very careful to rinse your counter, cutting knifes, cutting blocks, your hands with hot soapy water.
The chicken meat should be cooked directly after purchase or stored in a refrigerator.
Chicken should be cut on a marble or plastic board, never on a wood board. Chicken Like all other meat products can go bad easily if not stored properly. That is why the storage conditions and transportation of the chicken meat is very significant. The journey of food from production facility to consumer should be in hygienic and healthy conditions in each step, and this is called the “ cold chain”.
Children should consume 5 groups of nutrition on satisfactory level. We should try and make them enjoy each group of food. We can tell them the value of each group by some examples.
Our country withholds many problems of the developing countries and developed countries at the same time. These are food consuming unbalance, education, health, social rights etc.
Meat, chicken, fish, milk and derivatives and even legume are rich in protein, vitamin B, iron, zinc and calcium etc. which are primarily important in nutrition. Balance in food consumption is important for children of school age. Consumption of milk and yogurt, which are very important for nutrition of children at those ages, is generally unsatisfactory, and there are broad differences among children.
Chicken meat is low in fat, high in protein, short fibered and easy to chew and digest. Also chicken is a rich source to consume since it is cost-effective.

Our Feed Factory is also ISO certified.
Our Feed Factory has commenced production this year, and successfully passed ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 audits, and become certified.
Seminar to breeders by Bupiliç
Bupiliç conducted 2012 breeder seminar at Bandırma Chamber of Trade’s conference hall, with attendance of 230 breeders and caretakers.
Top Exporters of Bandirma Port
Export figures of exporters in 2011 from Bandırma Port are announced.